About Us

Operations Management is a site dedicated solely to dissecting the unique field of operations management. You’ll find answers to such questions as:

  • What does an operations manager do?
  • How do I become an operations manager?
  • How do I earn an operations management degree online?

Our site provides students with a single resource which they can use to better understand and compare their options when it comes to finding the right degree program. It is our belief that a more educated public will encourage others to enter into this exciting and rapidly changing field, or at a minimum have a broader understanding of how operations management relates to the real world of business. We decided to create this website both in an effort to answer that question as well as to provide a single resource so that students considering entering the field could better understand their numerous options.

Need to Reach Us?

If you have any comments or questions about the content you find on this site, or if you just have a question about becoming an operations manager, email us at contact@operationsmanagement.net.