How Do I Earn a Degree in Operations Management?

Operations are the foundation of most businesses – tracking the production, sales, and shipping of products. The duties of any operations manager are often dependent on the size or purpose of organization they work for, but every operations manager is responsible for overseeing daily operations, and often supervising the managers of departments under the operations umbrella, like customer service or manufacturing. While operations managers can work in almost any industry and can work for private companies, public companies, non-profits, or the government. Most, however, tend to work in corporations and private businesses. Understanding how to manage these elements of business and organization influences profit, customer relations, repeat business, and even employee satisfaction. These all play an important part of a successful business.

In order to learn the ins and outs of operation management, it’s beneficial to earn a business degree specializing in business and operation management. This kind of program includes classes like:

  • Legal Environment of Business
  • Introduction to Business Statistics
  • Decision Analysis
  • Process & Quality Improvement

Your Future with an Operations Management Degree

Those who complete a degree in operations management often qualify for a variety of different careers in such areas as systems analysis, applications development, production operations, quality management, and network coordination, all which support the general management of operations.

The salary for people work in the field of operations management can vary. For instance the average yearly income of high executive operations managers is around $95,000 dollars. Someone working in production management might be earning around $80,000 a year. Network coordinators and administrators make over $70,000 annually.

Overall, operations managers – and those working for them – formulate policies, manage and support daily operations such as sales and customer service, and plan the use of materials and human resources. An education in operations management can help prepare someone for the challenging but central work of managing business processes and the environment of working with many different projects and supervising many different types of people. This allows for smooth operating of business interactions and everyday transactions.

Guide to Operations Management Online Degrees

Ashford University BA - Operations Mgmt & Analysis BA - Supply Chain Mgmt MBA - Supply Chain Mgmt MA - Organizational Mgmt: Supply Chain Mgmt Ashford University – Ashford University is popular school for students seeking education through means of online classes. Ashford offers several programs for students interested in operations management, including the BA in Operations Management and Analysis or Supply Chain Management as well as master’s degrees. Ashford is based in Clinton, Iowa and was founded in 1918.
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Purdue University BSBA - Project Mgmt BSBA - Supply Chain Mgmt MBA - Project Mgmt Purdue University – Purdue University is an excellent choice for students wanting to obtain their degree entirely online. Moreover, Purdue has programs available at every education level, making advancing your career potentially more convenient and easy — this includes programs like the BSBA in Project Management or the MBA in Project Management. Purdue was originally established in 1937 and has over 70 campuses in the US.
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Liberty University BSBA - Project Mgmt MBA - Project Mgmt DBA - Project Mgmt Liberty University – Liberty University is one of the largest Christian schools with online degrees available. The school was founded in 1971 in Lynchburg, Virginia. The school offers programs in project management at almost every education level; students can earn a BSBA, an MBA, or a DBA in Project Management depending on what their career goals are.
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Northcentral University MBA - Project Mgmt DBA - Project Mgmt Northcentral University – Northcentral University is an online school with its headquarters in Prescott Valley, Arizona. NCU is a better fit for students seeking graduate degrees as they offer an MBA and a DBA in Project Management. Both programs require students to have already obtained the appropriate level degree, and some experience in the field may be required.
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