What is Operations Management?

Every business has a defining list of operations. Most of these include growing income or revenue for a business, like sales and credit services. They also usually include production, manufacturing, warehousing and shipping. These operations typically cost a company money, they also can add to profits by having products available for customers to order and delivering products to customers that create invoices to be billed out. Operations also includes managing bottom-line expenses like personnel and customer service – two crucial elements for a valuable business that allows for good client relations, repeat orders, and ultimately, the potential for increased revenue.

Operations management is the process that allows for all of these things to work together smoothly. An operations manager oversees a great number of things to ensure that all procedures and levels of business are being attended to, and a company’s profitability is a top priority.

This usually includes (but is in no way limited to):

    Tracking financial performance

    Managing customer relations

  • Reach and track sales goals
  • Company performance
  • Enforce standards, including company policies

Career Prospects for Graduates

The average yearly income of an operations manager is around $95,000 dollars and is based on experience and quality in monitoring all elements of operations including profitability, sales, customer relations, and production.

Because operations are the foundation of every company, an operations manager or director usually has several department managers or supervisors working for them to help supervise the flow and quality of work in every area. This helps them continue to monitor all necessary components of operations without missing any crucial details.

There are many businesses that need the direction of an operation manager, and whose success is dependent on their leadership. Many schools offer excellent programs on operations management and often combine them an information systems aspect that can be beneficial training going on to work in any business, but particularly when combined with operations management. These degrees often lead to management jobs in both private and public, small and large companies, and can be very satisfying work environments for people who love to organization, structure, and process.

Guide to Operations Management Online Degrees

Ashford University BA - Operations Mgmt & Analysis BA - Supply Chain Mgmt MBA - Supply Chain Mgmt MA - Organizational Mgmt: Supply Chain Mgmt Ashford University – Ashford University is popular school for students seeking education through means of online classes. Ashford offers several programs for students interested in operations management, including the BA in Operations Management and Analysis or Supply Chain Management as well as master’s degrees. Ashford is based in Clinton, Iowa and was founded in 1918.
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Purdue University BSBA - Project Mgmt BSBA - Supply Chain Mgmt MBA - Project Mgmt Purdue University – Purdue University is an excellent choice for students wanting to obtain their degree entirely online. Moreover, Purdue has programs available at every education level, making advancing your career potentially more convenient and easy — this includes programs like the BSBA in Project Management or the MBA in Project Management. Purdue was originally established in 1937 and has over 70 campuses in the US.
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Liberty University BSBA - Project Mgmt MBA - Project Mgmt DBA - Project Mgmt Liberty University – Liberty University is one of the largest Christian schools with online degrees available. The school was founded in 1971 in Lynchburg, Virginia. The school offers programs in project management at almost every education level; students can earn a BSBA, an MBA, or a DBA in Project Management depending on what their career goals are.
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Northcentral University MBA - Project Mgmt DBA - Project Mgmt Northcentral University – Northcentral University is an online school with its headquarters in Prescott Valley, Arizona. NCU is a better fit for students seeking graduate degrees as they offer an MBA and a DBA in Project Management. Both programs require students to have already obtained the appropriate level degree, and some experience in the field may be required.
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